With more than 15 years of experience in building legal businesses

Our approach is results-oriented. We deliver thorough analysis and audit, strategy definition, as well as hands-on operational execution. We also provide interim and general management. Results are consistently tracked to ensure enduring success.

With teams based in France, the Netherlands and Belgium we are serving high end national and international law firms, individual partners, notaries, legal networks and third party funders, across Europe.

When winning matters

We believe that winning matters. And we know what it takes to win.

Our main objective is increasing your footprint to realise structured and sustainable growth. Long-term success requires the same drive and ongoing commitment to excellence. We are deeply committed to ensuring a strong future for your firm and a continuing positive transformation for the legal industry as a whole.

Winning team

Our team members are selected for their professionalism, experience, market knowledge and creativity.

  • Seasoned yet fresh
  • Unconventional
  • Confident
  • Likeable

BlueWall’s partners have been an integral part of the legal sector’s positive evolution over recent decades. Each one of our senior team members brings a solid track record and strong reputation for excellence within high end national and international law firms.

When the mission requires it, a specifically adapted team is put together with partners and members of our network. Our aim is to bring together the expertise that you need to deliver the service you require.


Just give us a call, and we are glad to help you out.

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