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Gone are the days of the sales-focused, one-time transactions. To win today’s game, it`s all about building bridges, relationships and revenue streams that are more sustainable and will serve you in the long run.

But where to find growth-opportunities and how can those be exploited? How can you grow your client base, market-share and share of wallet? And how do you make your industry-focus future proof?

Our experience in Business Development can be a real boost for your firm’s growth and expansion, domestic and internationally. Our generalists have a highly developed helicopter view and strategic insight with knowledge and experience in marketing, strategy, product development, pricing and sales in the legal sector.

Clients & Industry-approach

Develop a clear direction, positioning and business development approach

We provide:

  • Services to improve or bring focus to your client-portfolio, marketing approach and pricing-strategy and strengthen your commercial governance
  • Advice and tools to improve commercial processes like account management, pitching strategy, -processes and -content
International presence

We offer a structured approach to extend and grow your international business:

  • Design a focused & clear international strategy and realize execution;
  • Build a focused referral approach to cultivate and grow your local and international referral networks and improve referral relationships, including preparation of / guidance at international conferences;
  • Grow your international brand and develop your press relations with foreign correspondents in France, the Anglo-Saxon legal media, the Dutch and Belgian press.
  • Streamline and implement a stress-free submission-process;
  • Enhance the quality of your submissions, referee response-rates and referee feedback;
  • Provide tooling to retain and utilize relevant work-highlights;
  • Provide submission trainings and/or offer processing capacity.

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