Maximizing Referee Feedback: Elevate Your Legal Rankings

In our latest post, we delve into a critical aspect of achieving top legal rankings: referee feedback. When it comes to legal directories like Chambers and Legal500, feedback from referees carries substantial weight, accounting for over 50% of your final ranking.


However, the reality is that many law firms still struggle to secure the necessary feedback. In the Netherlands and Belgium, for example, Chambers reports that only 35% of referees (7 out of 20) typically provide feedback. Why is this the case?

1. The Referee Selection Challenge:

  • Too often, law firms select referees based on titles rather than considering their genuine commitment and experience working with them.
  • There’s often a lack of coordinated efforts across the office to identify and approach suitable referees.
  • Referees are often spread thin, participating in multiple directories and practice areas.

2. Communication Gaps:

  • Referees are not always informed effectively about the research process, leading to their feedback requests ending up in spam folders.
  • When referees are unclear about the process, their willingness to provide feedback dwindles, and the feedback they provide may lack the necessary specificity.

Chambers has introduced a new feature this year – the ability to track whether referees have provided feedback. While this is a step in the right direction, the true game-changer lies in proper referee selection and comprehensive information and preparation before requesting feedback. This not only boosts the response rate but also enhances the quality of the feedback received.

So, how satisfied is your office with its response rate and testimonials? And where do you see opportunities for improvement?

Achieving a strong ranking isn’t just about legal expertise; it’s about strategic positioning and compelling testimonials. Sometimes, it makes perfect sense to bring in an external expert with a proven track record in this domain.

BlueWall: Your Partner in Elevating Legal Rankings
At BlueWall, we specialize in assisting law firms with the intricate task of selecting and approaching referees. Our service streamlines the feedback process for your referees, ensuring a significant increase in response rates for directories.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Referee Selection: we’ll help you identify the most suitable referees for your firm.
  • Professional Outreach: we approach referees professionally to secure their valuable feedback.
  • Feedback Streamlining: our process makes it easy for referees to provide specific and valuable feedback.

Don’t let your firm’s ranking suffer due to a lack of referee feedback.
Give us a call or drop us a line, and let BlueWall help you unlock your firm’s full potential in legal directories.


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