How to create a powerful network of international referrals

It’s no secret that international referrals can improve your bottom line by impressive percentages. Recently a client of ours achieved a 25% increase in turnover from entering the international referral market. In addition to the work stream created by corporations in your jurisdiction, there’s a second stream of great international work for small – midsize independent law firms to tap into, yet we don’t see that many are grasping the opportunity.

Win-win situation

The international market is hungry for quality independent firms to take on work in their local jurisdiction. Connecting global corporates with quality independent firms gets best results for the client and creates a win-win for local and international firms. We understand that it can be difficult to know where to start and how to establish and maintain meaningful connections. lt’s not racket science, but it does require focus and an integrated approach – it’s about the range of initiatives coming together to reach the goal. And we’re here to get each one in place for your firm.

Here are some of the ways we help our clients:

lt is essential to have a solid strategy and an action plan in place to clarify exactly where you want to go and how to get there. With thoughtful preparation, your international marketing efforts can quickly convert.

Form an international commission of partners. ldentify a group of partners who are committed to growing an international network for the firm. This group can leverage and expand personal networks and maintain the momentum required to yield concrete results.

International networks are a rich source of invaluable connections. For example, the International Bar Association annual meeting is an excellent opportunity for business development – when you have a plant and are well equipped to execute. Stay tuned as in our next article we will be going into more detail on how we can support you to et the best from your attendance at the next IBA annual con erence, taking place (hopefully) in Paris this October.

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