allblue and W-Consultants join forces to create BlueWall

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Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, 21 October 2021

allblue and W-Consultants join forces to create BlueWall, a consultancy firm with European ambitions, dedicated to the legal industry

BlueWall is a marketing, business development and communications consultancy firm, a strategic alliance between Dutch W-Consultants and French allblue consulting. Both firms have a strong track record servicing leading independent and international law firms in France and the BeNeLux.

BlueWall’s mission is to be a part of the structured and sustainable growth of its clients. Whether it is positioning, brand building, or attracting new talent, BlueWall is committed to adding value and delivering great operational results for its clients.

Strategically situated in three key European countries (France, The Netherlands and Belgium), BlueWall stands on a natural hotspot of law firms investing and working within the European Union. The ambition of BlueWall is to provide its services to key players of this unprecedented European marketplace which is in its full expansion.

BlueWall has a strong team of specialized and multilingual business consultants and project managers, with different backgrounds: law graduates, business developers, marketeers, communication experts, all with previous solid experience in law firms, having held both internal and external positions. This diversity of experience, training, culture, and languages is one of the most important assets of BlueWall in its ambition to be the trusted advisor of law firms.

Relying on more than 15 years of legal market knowledge and experience of its founders, BlueWall is the right consultancy firm for all international and independent law firms aiming to grow and further develop their presence and visibility in a highly competitive ecosystem. 

“BlueWall is the result of a common understanding of the new dynamics of the European legal market. It’s taking the next winning step for the future, taking action, and moving forward, like we always advise our clients to do”, comments Tim Strijbosch, Dutch co-founder of BlueWall.

Jorn Vermeulen Dutch co-founder of BlueWall adds, “BlueWall is an ambitious project based on the increasing demands of independent and international law firms who have been implemented in Western Europe for years, and now wishing to further develop their businesses. Our presence on the Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam line creates the perfect strategic starting point for us to respond to this demand, especially in Belgium”.

Combining our resources, experience and working methods is an exciting project. We share the same ambition to provide our clients with effective advice so that they can achieve their growth objectives. In advising our clients towards these objectives, we rely on our excellent understanding of their challenges and an approach that brings together listening, analysis, action, and results” says Amélie Lerosier, French co-founder of BlueWall.

About BlueWall

BlueWall is a leading consultancy firm for the legal industry providing marketing, business development and communication services. Our mission is to grow our clients’ businesses and play an active role in the positive evolution of the legal industry.

We are two locally strong marketing consultancies operating under the shared vision of BlueWall. BlueWall is the result of combining the strengths of W-Consultants, an innovative consultancy company based in the Netherlands and Belgium with allblue’s strong market presence in France. We provide a full range of consultancy services to legal professionals such as law firms, notaries, accountancy firms and professional legal networks.

At BlueWall, we are relentless. We love winning. And most importantly, we love winning for you. BlueWall, winning matters.

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