In need of temporary capacity?

Law firms need to adapt to ever-changing market conditions and client needs. At the same time, finding the right expertise and experience to strengthen your long term or even temporary business development capacity to support this can be quite challenging.

That is why we offer highly experienced and skilled interim business development professionals to help your firm move forward through challenging times.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our interim solutions accordingly. They are designed to provide law firms with the flexibility and expertise needed to stay competitive and grow their business.

Whether your law firm is experiencing a sudden increase in workload, a temporary shortage of capacity, going through a transition, or facing unexpected challenges, our interim professionals can step in and provide the necessary support to keep your business on track or grow it.

Our professionals have a minimum of 10-15 years of experience in the legal industry and possess a wealth of knowledge in business development, marketing, and client management.

Business Development

  • Client portfolio audit
  • Mapping and optimisation of client journey
  • Client and referral management
  • New business support
  • International development support
  • Expert training sessions for partners, associates and staff 


  • Re-branding and positioning
  • Audit and analysis, benchmarking, client satisfaction survey
  • Campaign and concept creation
  • Creating new offer of services
  • Content strategy 
  • Digital marketing (social media, advertising campaigns, media) 
(To) Business Development and Marketing professionals

We are constantly looking for professionals to fulfil our clients’ assignments. Are you available for short to midterm projects for law firms? And do you bring along the right experience and expertise, a professional attitude and pleasant personality, we’re happy to meet you.


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