We are BlueWall

Cross border executive consultants for the legal industry.

Together we define strategy and make it happen

In an increasingly complex legal market and tougher competitive landscape, it has become more important than ever to stand out. Winning today’s game is about making meaningful connections with clients and prospects. As law firms are inherently different from ‘regular businesses’, a tailored approach combining knowledge of the legal market and hands-on experience with law firms are prerequisites to any winning strategy.

Our approach

We make lawyers excel in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

BlueWall brings together two leading legal management consultancies, W Consultants based in the Netherlands and allblue based in France. Our work is about making legal organizations and practitioners more successful.

BlueWall supports both specialized boutiques and large law firms with successful marketing, business development and communication.


15 years of dedication and experience

Our seasoned executive consultants have worked within the legal industry intensively for over 15 years. We define strategy and implement it for strong and long-term results. Our commitment is to ensure that your firm continues to grow and flourish in its chosen market.


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